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A unified solution


Everything that Administrator delivers plus an integrated actuarial layer, with liability modelling. All in one unified system running administration and actuarial.

Administration data flows straight through to the actuarial layer. No separate system, no exporting or re-keying.

Update the administration data and it flows straight through to the actuarial calculations.

Integrated liability modelling all running from the same underlying data. Daily valuations at the touch of a button. Powerful modelling in real time, with millions of economic scenarios.

What's included

Automated Calculations

Automated calculations

Many systems struggle with benefits that don’t fit their pre-determined parameters.
Mantle has no limits on the number or type of calculations. We can code anything.

Dashboard and reporting


The Mantle dashboard displays a real-time view of the scheme. Access can be configured to common and conditional data for trustees, HR and scheme advisers.

Integrated payroll

Integrated payroll

We integrate with Altus Pension Payment Gateway, a market leading system that allows us to deliver calculations and deductions, coordinate multiple payment schedules and report to HMRC.


Document generation

​We can quickly and easily create and customise standard documents. We barcode paper communications so they can be scanned and automatically tagged to the correct member.

Integrated treasury and accounts

Integrated accounts

Mantle has integrated cash management and accounting capability, meaning an accurate balance sheet position is fully automated and linked to actual liabilities, a full audit trail is maintained and auditors can interrogate the history.

Member self serve

Member self-serve

Members can engage with their benefits using our web app, and our new smartphone app, My Pocket Pension.

Both apps allow members to view pension and cash lump sum over a range of ages, real time transfer value, keep contact details up to date and even retire online.



We offer a range of services to ensure you get off to a great start. 


Pension dashboard

Mantle already exceeds the planned requirements of the Pensions Dashboard. Mantle was designed to allow the export of benefit data and can supply all the Pensions Dashboard requirements.


Real time valuations

Daily valuations run from the source member data. As the system uses the administration data, any changes are immediately reflected in the calculations.



Daily valuations run from the source member data at the touch of the button. We program 100% of benefit calculations. This means quick and accurate calculations.


Portfolio optimisation

Mantle simplifies the portfolio testing process to maximise the opportunity to successfully meet the scheme’s funding objectives.

The risk management analysis enables individual strategies to be easily reviewed in relation to each other.


Bulk pricing

Our live feed from three leading buyout providers enables a real-time view of the scheme’s asset position versus the indicative buyout cost. There is also a Gilt matching basis view.

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