Our Story

Different by design

Our Evolution

Back in 2010, Mantle was born and our story began. Mantle was  developed by a small group of passionate, pension professionals united by one mission. To create a unified solution that seamlessly integrates actuarial precision with efficient administration. Thirteen years later, Mantle stands tall as a revolutionary platform that takes its place at the heart of the pensions industry, serving as a powerful tool that empowers a diverse array of professionals, including Pensions Managers, Administrators, Actuaries, Employers, Trustees, Public Sector and Third-Party Advisors. All united with the common goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for pension scheme members.

From this Mantle was built as a place to view your complete pension scheme landscape. Data no longer hiding in dark corners of a system. Benefit specifications defined clearly and used appropriately. Recurring tasks automated and efficient. Investments and funding position clear, monitored and responded to.  

Our Core Values


A Platform that Evolves with You

Mantle is more than just a piece of software; it’s a testament to our dedication to create a solution that works for everybody.

The technology we have harnessed is safe, adaptable and tailored to the user.


Empowering Scheme Professionals and Trustees and Members

We have reclaimed the power to change and no longer accept traditional barriers to good pension scheme management.

Mantle then places this power in the hands of those who need it most.


Mantle allows you to take control of scheme operations with automation. Reclaim your time to dedicate to members or the long-term strategy of the scheme.


Make informed decisions with accurate data and funding position. Whether it is member date, funding position or investment performance you have the power to improve, adapt and achieve. 


Members at the Heart

Pensions are about people; we cannot lose sight of that. Mantle positively impacts pension scheme members by providing security, peace of mind, ultimately safeguarding their financial futures.


Mantle is stored, deployed and maintained by our people who strongly advocate for secure infrastructure and processes. Equally we employ those who fuel the development of Mantle to continue to improve.


Administrators are people too. People who show compassion and understanding and now have the tools to provide a service they are proud of. Trustees, employers and advisers giving their best to protect and secure member benefits with clarity and confidence.

What We Aspire To Be

At the core of our story and ethos lies a commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good of the pensions landscape. Mantle is not just another software platform; it’s an embodiment of better technology, a fusion of actuarial precision and administration efficiency. Our platform isn’t just about data; it’s about putting the power of data back into the hands of users. By giving complete control over the data, we empower professionals to make timely, informed decisions that drive positive outcomes.


We exist because we recognised a gap between the pensions technology industry and the need for seamless administration and actuarial software. But it’s not just about filling a void; it’s about transforming an industry. It matters because pension scheme members deserve the best, and we’re here to provide it.


And we won’t stop there. Our solutions have responded to GMP Equalisation, Pensions Dashboards and member engagement. Each development building an even more robust service.

Why Should You Care?

Mantle brings simplicity. It’s one system. Fully automated. Giving you control over your data and empowering you to make impactful decisions.


Mantle is a resource developed with the motto “Make life easier”. It is designed to streamline operations, prevent erosion of trust, and provide transparency that fosters excellence. As a result, pension professionals can focus on what truly matters: serving their pension scheme members with dedication and expertise.


We’re not just another software company; we’re your partners in a journey toward better pension outcomes.

How Can We Relate To You?

We’ve walked in your shoes. Mantle was created by pensions professionals for pensions professionals.


Many of our people have grappled with the complexities of pension scheme data, benefit specifications, scheme rules and the shifting sands of the regulatory landscape. They have witnessed the shortcomings of legacy systems letting down trustees, employers and members. 


The sheer frustration of traditions set in stone, hindering true technological progress, was the motivation for the development of Mantle. Created as a weapon against outdated beliefs and barriers. A simple concept of laying a strong foundation of near perfect data on which to build powerful tools.


We understand the challenges you face and the importance of providing exceptional service to pension scheme members. Our platform is designed to empower you to achieve just that.

How We Help You

Mantle is more than just a platform; it can be your solution


Mantle will give you confidence, efficiency, and control. We solve tangible problems with our 100% automated calculation capabilities, giving you time back in your day. Intangibly, we provide trust, transparency, and a true partnership that goes beyond software.


There are elements of a pension scheme that require the right data, used in the right way and communicated at the right time. These are operational tasks your software tool should make easy. The true value of pension scheme management lies within the expertise and compassion of the people who manage it. 

Mantle As The Solution

Mantle offers a solution that supports both Actuarial and Administration pension scheme activities.


Mantle Actuarial can support your inhouse team simply by logging in and having the capability to run calculations and valuations seamlessly from cleansed, accurate underlying member data. Current clients that use the actuarial system of Mantle are EY, PwC and The Government Actuaries Department.


Whereas Mantle Administrator can automate all day-to-day activities and functions required to run your scheme efficiently. Pensions Dashboard ready with infrastructure in place to only require minimal intervention when needed. Integrated payroll, document production and members with the ability to self serve with our My Pocket Pension app. Mantle is technology that gives people the power to serve those who matter.

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