Different by design

We are a pension software development business with a difference.​ Our solutions range from Administration platforms to Asset Liability Management and much more.​

We have designed our modern, contemporary solutions to deliver the outcomes schemes and advisers need now, without the baggage of legacy systems.

Launching in the USA

Mantle, a global pensions software provider, is set to launch in the USA in 2024. Designed by actuaries, for actuaries, Mantle brings unparalleled expertise and innovation to pension plans of all sizes.


Join the thousands of plans and millions of members already benefiting from Mantle’s cutting-edge solutions. Stay ahead of the curve and stay up-to-date with Mantle Services.

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What's great about Mantle?

Our approach to this is different to many of our competitors as it involves no programming language. Most competitor administration platforms are at their heart decades old. The standard approach to benefit calculations was to code these using a programming language. This requires experts in that language and the output was a “black box” calculation that was then inserted back to the platform.

There are a number of obvious problems with this approach not least that the structure of the calculation can’t be “seen” or easily verified. Mantle uses a totally different approach. Our “open architecture” allows for administrators to code up benefits without the need for a programming language. The benefit calculation is constructed within Mantle and is 100% transparent. This simplifies testing, speeds up the on boarding process and reduces cost. It also means that Mantle is Pensions Dashboard ready.’

Mantle is one system, which comprises of:

— Administration
— Actuarial
— Liability modelling

It can be deployed administration only with a unified payroll and accounts capability. This creates efficiency and reduces costs.  The actuarial layer can be enabled meaning that one system can be used to administer the scheme, run actuarial calculations and even model liabilities from the same underlying data. Valuations can be run at the click of a button. The dashboard allows for a complete view of the scheme and how it’s performing. The liability modelling capability runs thousands of plausible future scenarios for the individual liabilities of every member of the scheme, time-stepped at annual intervals.

Mantle is a modern modular cloud-hosted system that solves a number of problems.

How to deliver the most efficient and member friendly administration experience?

How to integrate with actuarial systems?

How to efficiently model liabilities and scenarios?

We designed Mantle to be affordable for schemes with as few as 100 members. We believe small schemes and their members deserve the best products and services just as much as the larger schemes.

The result is a truly unified, modern platform ready to meet the needs of all schemes – that platform is Mantle.

What you need,
when you need it


A smarter way to run your DB scheme with integrated payroll and accounts. Fully automated document suite, member self-serve and much more.

— Automated calculations
— Dashboard
— Integrated Payroll
— Document Generation
— Integrated Accounts
— Member Self-Serve
— Pensions Dashboard


Model DB liabilities from source administration data or imported cashflows. With our Actuarial sub-system test 1000s of different risk scenarios.

— Actuarial sub-system
— Member data or input cashflow
— Real-time valuations
— Dashboard
— Bulk pricing
— Cashflow generation

— Portfolio Optimisation


One system running from the core administration data. Everything our administration platform offers plus truly integrated valuations and liability modelling.

Everything in Administrator, plus

— Actuarial sub-system
— Real-time valuations
— Modelling
— Portfolio Optimisation
— Bulk Pricing

My pocket pension

Members engage with their benefits using our smartphone app. They can view pensions and lump sum figures over a range of ages including a live transfer value. Also supports member options excercises.

— Easy to register
— Easy to use
— Easy to understand
— Easy to self serve
— Easy on the pocket

You can rely on us

Mantle is an enterprise scale solution.​ Hosted across Microsoft, AWS and Google.

99% service availability

Multiple redundancy

Rapidly scalable