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My Pocket Pension

A new way to engage your members

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My Pocket Pension is a new app based benefits portal powered by Mantle.

How does it work? Scheme rules and member benefit data are loaded onto Mantle. This allows us to generate benefits with a high degree of accuracy across a range of ages. Real time transfer values can also be supported. There’s a version for pensionars and a member options module that can be enabled to support exercises.

All this data is then available to members on their smartphone using the My Pocket Pension app.

See it in action –

Easy to register
A QR code takes a member straight to the app for download. No keying of a URL. The same code acts as the first time password. Once registered a 4 digit PIN gives access to the app.
Easy to use
Simple intuitive design. Scroll round the wheel to change retirement age. Navigate options using the compass.
Easy to understand
Scheme rules are presented in context with a member specific lookup for what happens on death.
Easy to self serve
The app allows a member to keep their details up to date and even retire online if they want to.
Easy on the pocket
If a member carries their phone with them they will always be able to access their pension. Message them to keep them up to date and prompt them into action.
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What's included


Live benefits

When the app is opened it calls pensions and lump sum figures from Mantle. All benefits within the allowed age range are available.


Live transfer value

Mantle calculates the TV from first principles and automatically refreshes the figure every night.


Personalised scenarios

Rather than make members read and understand the rules we use clever technology to tell them what it means for them.


Member self serve

It’s quick and easy for members to keep their personal details up to date. Anything from COA, marital status and beneficiaries.


Scheme documents

We can make all your documents and videos available via the app. The member can view, Download or forward them.

Member options

Member options

An optional moduleallowing members to compare their optionsIf they were to transfer.

See it in action

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